The 5th Osaka International Mandolin Festival & Competition

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Competition Outline

We organize 3rd solo mandolin competition this year. Don’t miss it!

  • October 10th and 11th, 2009
  • The Phoenix Hall (Osaka)
    c/o Nissay Dowa General Insurance Co. Ltd.
    4-15-10 Nishi-Tenma, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0047 JAPAN
  • Solo Mandolin
  • June 30, 2009 (Tue):
  • Preliminary Screening: Application must be received
  • July 20, 2009 (Wed):
  • Result Announcement (at this Website)
  • October 10, 2009 (Sat):
  • Semifinal
  • October 11, 2009 (Sun):
  • Final
  • JPN 10,000 Yen
  • Applicants will be charged registration fee after their entry is accepted.
  • If registration fee is not paid by the appointed day, the application will become invalid.
  • Applicants are requested to bear the bank handling charge.
  • The registration fee is not refundable under any condition.
  • Applicants must pay even if they decline the semi-final after the preliminary screening.
  • Takashi Kubota [Chief Judge]
    (Conductor, Composer, Japan)
  • Kenzo Kumei
    (Mandolinist, Japan)
  • Yoshinao Kobayashi
    (Composer, Japan)
  • Kazuo Senzaki
    (Former principal fagotto player at Kyoto Symphony Orchestra, Japan)
  • Goshi Yoshida
    (Mandolinist, Japan)
  • Nikolai Maretsky
    (Mandolin Player, Belarus)
  • Ugo Orlandi
    (Mandolin Player, Italy)
  • Steffen Trekel
    (Mandolin Player, Germany)
  • Michael Troster
    (Guitar Player, Germany)
  • Individuals who are 30 years old or younger on October 10th, 2009.
  • Preliminary Screening – Screening of the recorded performance
  • Jiro Nakano “Fantasia No.2″ (Any edition)
  • Semifinal
  • Compulsory piece: Shuji Kozakura “Impromptu for Mandolin solo”
    (The score is published from ARTE MANDOLINISTICA.)
  • The contestants must perform the compulsory piece and self-chosen pieces.
  • The contestants must enter the stage, tune, perform and leave within 20 minutes.
  • The number of self-chosen pieces is not restricted.
  • Final
  • The contestants must perform self-chosen programs, which lasts for at least 20 minutes.
  • The contestants must enter the stage, tune, perform and leave within 30 minutes.
  • First Prize; 200,000 yen and extra prizes (Noguchi Minoru handmaid mandolin)
  • Second Prize; 100,000 yen and extra prizes
  • Third Prize; 50,000 yen and extra prizes
  • Semifinal
  • The performances of the compulsory piece are marked out of 25 points.
  • The performances of the competitors’ choices are also marked out of 25 points.
  • The sum of the two performances is the players’ point.
  • Final
  • The performances are marked out of 50 points.
  • The performances of the competitors’ choices are also marked out of 25 points.
  • The sum of the two performances is the players’ point.
  • Common
  • The average score of 7 judges becomes the final score of the contestant, since the maximum and minimum scores will be excluded to reduce bias.
  • The final ranking will be decided through discussions by the 9 judges according to total scores of the semifinal and the final. (The score goes up to 100 points.)
  • If the time of the performance is exceeded, 2 points are subtracted from the score.
  • The list of marks will be open to the public.
  • Judges are not allowed to evaluate those who studied under themselves in last five years.
  • Judges are not allowed to contact the entrants until the end of final competition.
  • Contestants are not allowed to play a same piece in the semifinal and the final.
  • The decisions of the jury are final.
  • The organizer is to hold gala concerts in 2009 and the winners (first to third place) must perform in them.
  • The program of the concert is decided through discussion between the winners and the organizer.
  • The organizer will guarantee the performance fee of 100,000 yen per one concert and bear the transportation cost and accommodation cost for the concert.
  • The costs related to the accompanist must be paid by the winners themselves.
  • If a visa is needed to enter Japan, the entrant is required to acquire it him/herself.
  • An invitation letter will be issued by the organizer upon request.
  • When asking for the invitation letter, let the organizer know the following data:
  • First name and surname in his/her native language.
  • Gender, Date of Birth, Nationality, Occupation, Present address and Telephone number.
  • Traveling costs (i.e. Ticket price, hotel expenses and food cost),
  • Name of the person who bears the traveling cost together with his/her gender, occupation,address, telephone number and the relationship with the competitor.
  • The entrants are requested to get insurance themselves over their own health, loss or damage to their belongings if needed, since the organizer takes on no responsibility for those matters.
  • Rights on any performances in the competition and concerts in relation with this competition by the entrants including recording, broadcastings and photos belong to the organizer.
  • If the cash prizes are subject to be taxed under Japanese law, those prizes will be given after deduction of tax.
  • Competitors are not allowed to appear in any concerts while they are still in the process of competition.
  • Organizers can arrange accommodations in Japan for foreign contestants.

Introduction of Entry

Application was closed.
  • Download the application sheet and fill your information.
  • Send it with CD-R or MD to the address below, NO LATER THAN June 30 2009.
  • Application sheet is here downloading-updates-xxl (PDF)
    1-478 Sujikaibashi-kita Fukakusa
    Fushimi-ku Kyoto,JAPAN
    zip 612-0869
    Tel&Fax 075-646-3655
  • E-mail: arte.webadmin+5th_fes[atmark]
    (Please change “[atmark]” to “@”. )
  • Resident outside Japan may send by e-mail with the format of JPEG (application sheet) and MP3 (recordings).
  • Instruction for payment of the fee will be sent after your application.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us.
  • A bust picture of the entrant is needed for registration.
  • Send us in JPEG file format by e-mail or paper-format by mail.
  • Performance must be recorded within 6 months of the application day. Editing or cutting the recording is prohibited, especially during the performance. If a trace of the editing or cutting is found in the recorded performance, the applicant will be disqualified. Applicants may be required to submit another recording when the environment of the recording sounds to be poor or the microphone sounds to be far from the performer.
  • The applicants must record the compulsory piece on either MD (mini-disc) or CD-R. The applicants from outside of Japan are allowed to submit the recordings via e-mail in mp3 format.(E-mail: arte.webadmin+5th_fes[atmark] (Please change “[atmark]” to “@”.)
  • The names of the players won’t be told to the judges.
  • Around 12 applicants advance to the semifinal.
  • The performances are rated either A, B or C.
  • A: qualified
  • B: neither qualified nor unqualified
  • C: unqualified

Solo Mandolin

Syuhei Azuma
(1988- JPN, Osaka)
  • Marucelli/Capriccio Zingaresco
  • Ranieri/Souvenir de Varsovie
  • Vitali/Chaconne

Piano: Akarii Ishimata
Ayako Kojima
(1982- GER, Hamburg/JPN)
  • Calace/Concerto No.2-1 mov.
  • Leone/Sonata No.2 A dur
  • Kobayashi/Cantabile
  • Kuwahara/Moon and Yamanba

Piano: Mayuko Ando
Goh Mochizuki
(1980- JPN, Kanagawa)
  • Calace/ConcertoNo.1-1 mov.
  • Kuwahara/Perpetual Movement
  • Takaha/Moon on the water(2008)
  • Calace/Rhapsodia Napoletana

Piano: Nanako Horito
Eri Okamoto
(1987- JPN, Kyoto)
  • Pettine/Concerto in G-dur-1 mov.
  • Calace/Fantasia poetica op.56
  • Calace/Concerto No.1-1 mov.

Piano:Sachiko Omura
Kenta Okamoto
(1986- JPN ,Tokyo)
  • Shostakovich/Violin concerto no.1-Cadenza-Burlesque
  • Ranieri/Concerto in D dur

Piano:Mami Inoue, Yumi Fujii
Masayuki Okui
(1988- JPN, Mie)
  • Raniei/Concerto in D dur-3 mov.
  • Ishibashi/Deep Obsession
  • Sarasate/Zigeunerweisen

Piano:Mariko Otani, Yumi Fujii
Fumi Suzuki
(1986- JPN, Osaka)
  • Calace/Concerto No.2-1 mov.
  • Ifukube/Violin Sonata

Piano:Sachiko Omura
Takashi Tomonari
(1980- JPN, Nagano)
  • Mozart/Violin Concerto No.4-3 mov.
  • Calace/Danza di Nani
  • Makino/Barade of snow springs.
  • Paparello/Bells of night
  • Calace/Concerto No.1-1 mov

Piano:Yoriko Aoki
Alvina Voznesenskaya
(1988- Russia,St.petersberg)
  • Freudenthal/Drei Episoden fur solo mandoline
  • Kuwahara/Improvised poem
  • Calace/Prelude No.10
  • Kochelev/Caprice No.4
  • Kobayashi/Introduction and Allegro
Rei Yamagata
(1991- JPN, Tokyo)
  • Munier/Valzar Concerto
  • Calace/Concerto No.1

Piano:Miwako Shishido

Results of the Final

As a result of the final, one performer received a prize.

  • 1st Prize Go Mochizuki (JPN)
  • 2nd Prize No one
  • 3rd Prize No one


The winner received a certificate of merit and a crystal trophy, as well as prize money and a mandolin made by Minoru Noguchi as extra prizes.


Results of the Semifinal

These 5 performers advanced to the final.

  • 1st Kenta Okamoto (JPN)
  • 2nd Go Mochizuki (JPN)
  • 3rd Alvina Voznesenskaya (RUS)
  • 4th Fumi Suzuki (JPN)
  • 5th Masayuki Okui (JPN)

The final was held on October 11th, 2009 at Phoenix Hall.
Thank you for joining us!


Results of Preliminary Screening

These 11 performers will advance to semi-final.

  • Syuhei Azuma (JPN)
  • Ayako Kojima (GER)
  • Go Mochizuki (JPN)
  • Eri Okamoto (JPN)
  • Kenta Okamoto (JPN)
  • Masayuki Okui (JPN)
  • Fumi Suzuki (JPN)
  • Takashi Tomonari (JPN)
  • Tomoyo Tsuchihashi (JPN)
  • Alvina Voznesenskaya (RUS)
  • Rei Yamagata (JPN)

Semi-final will be held on Sunday October 10th, 2009 in Phoenix Hall, Osaka.


Results Summary

Mandolin Solo

Go Mochizuki
pics2648 (Japan)
  • Calace/ConcertoNo.1-1 mov.
  • Kuwahara/Perpetual Movement
  • Takaha/Moon on the water(2008)
  • Calace/Rhapsodia Napoletana

No one

No one