Announcement of the official web site renewal

We use the Todan home page than daily, Thank you very much.
This time, we will inform you that it has carried out a full renovation of the home page.

In this renewal, more information is easier to find, aiming to become more visible, we have revamped the configuration and design across the board.

The main renewal contents are as follows.

  1. We started to provide Osaka International Mandolin Competition & Festival of from 1st to 4th, which has not been provided until now.
  2. We started to provide video information to related to various events and Our performance.
  3. Also in the smartphone and tablet it has decided to be able to browse comfortably.
  4. With the entire surface renewal, review of the published information of each content, additions have been made of the information.

So that they can more clearly provide information in the future, so we will continue working to further enrich the content, I would like to humbly thank you.